A Glimpse Into The SRM Life: An Unforgettable Experience

A heart felt first hand experience sharing of a student who saw herself transform from a shy, under confident girl to a self confident student of SRM... Covid-19 restrictions brought back so many memories of the much cherished campus life at SRM Chennai

My Story

As Covid-19 pandemic has literally arrested us in our homes, those free fun filled days at college campus seem so endearing. 

Many students come every year from across India to study at SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRM). It is one of the best higher educational institutes in India, and it demands only the best: I was lucky enough to get admission to a course of my choice in this college. I am currently pursuing a B.Tech degree from SRM, and I believe this was one of the best choices I have ever made.

Campus life at SRM

SRM is one of the premier colleges that boasts of a large campus with unparalled diversity among students and faculty members. Though, it is mainly known for engineering, and the teaching faculty is one of the best in Chennai, it is truly one of the foremost multi-disciplinary university that endeavors to further diversify. There are full fledged schools offering variety of courses across UG, PG and Research levels for Sciences, Humanities, Management, Medical, Tourism, Agricultural, etc.

The beautiful campus is one of SRM's hallmarks. The TP Stairs: a huge flight of stairs where evenings are fun and breezy is a part of student life at SRM. You will always find someone playing a guitar or singing while the wind rushes through.

My second favorite place to walk around is the medical campus. The greenery across the campus with tall palm trees that appear to hover around the campus and with tons of bougainvillea flowers all together offer an exquisite ambience. And then comes the local Potheri Lake, a place where you will definitely catch up to one of your friends or batch mates. Potheri is the local market with lots of cafes and restaurants, some of which are open till 3 am as well.

This college life made me fall in love with Madras and its beaches. The city side, although far, is worth the travel. With so many places to visit around Chennai, it truly fills my heart when I think of all the vacation I took to Pondicherry and Kodaikanal.

The environment around

The students of SRM come from all parts of the nation and many parts of the world. Having such enormous diversity in college, it is easy to find your tribe and gel in. Moreover, there is so much one can learn from different cultures. Being surrounded by so many talented, intellectual, and confident people, I truly saw myself grow over the course of 3 years.

Looking back to the days gone by... 

I entered the college as a shy, slightly under-confident girl; less than a year later, I found myself blooming with self-confidence, ready to take on new projects without hesitation. This is an open environment, with friendly people, allowing discussions on anything under the sun. Everyone’s beliefs and understandings are valid here, as long as they don’t offend others.

Pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science opened my eyes to a deluge of technological advancements. I was never a geeky student, and the thought of coding made me frown. It is through interaction with people with brilliant perspectives and ideas about the field I started to gain interest.

In no time, I put my hands on coding and thoroughly enjoyed it. The faculty is always willing to help students who come forward. With flexible hours to access the library and labs, I dived right into projects.

All the opportunities available

Another amazing aspect of SRM life is a large number of societies for extra-curricular like dance, music, and fashion. They have introduced people to new passions and provide solace from the academic pressure. Apart from introducing one to people with common interests, societies also help develop that skill further.

They often help one discover new passions along the way. Secondly, they inculcate traits of confidence and dedication and inspire dedication and commitment with their extreme practice routines. The fests are events that also add to college life.

SRM hosts a large number of events. Some of the best known are the technical fest "AARUSH" and the cultural fest "Milan." You will always find the best comedians and artists perform. Another celebration to look forward to is Pongal, being the most important fest of Tamil Nadu it is celebrated with exuberance.

I joined the Public Relations team of the technical fest. I use my love for writing and editing content to serve as in the Core Team. This post has substantially helped me be more decisive and be more confident in my abilities. Moreover, it has to lead me to discover my skills at social media management by creating content and handling their social media accounts.

Side ventures

Along with PR, I was also a part of the core emcee team. Hosting events in front of hundreds of people it made me fall in love with the stage and public speaking. I also became a part of technical clubs like CARL and Girlscript Chennai. Being here has allowed me to make many contacts in the corporate world. It has enhanced my understanding of how companies hire new recruits and what they look for in prospective employees.

The college has always been open to students who want to start their own ventures. SRM has many student start-ups that have done really well outside of college as well. Having such great exposure, I started a non-profit organization in college and was overwhelmed by the number of people who were interested in the cause.

An experience to cherish forever

SRM life is definitely one to experience. It is a fine balance between academic rigor and other extra-curricular activities. It gives one the experience of a lifetime, from bunking classes to giving final exams unprepared, and obviously, the experience of staying at Estancia is unforgettable. Friends turn to family here. One develops as a person --- she learns to express herself more fully here and be more confident in her decisions and choices. This is an experience I would trade for no other.


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