College was all about Self-exploration

A student of Bhopal's Oriental Institute of Science and Technology narrating how the past four years have changed and transformed her into a person that she loves to the core... an artist as well as a proud techie that she has come to be!

My Story

The past four years have changed and transformed me into a person that I love to the core. I chose IT as my field of specialization in the Oriental Institute of Science and Technology. I entered as a quiet curious kid who wasn't sure if choosing this college was the right option. But, over the years, I increasingly realized that this place has helped me grow in every possible way.

Though IT is a pretty diverse field with limitless learning opportunities, I wasn't ready to dive in initially. I had this doubt whether I was cut out to be an artist or a techie. There was this feeling that I'll lose the artist in me in these four years if I stayed here in pursuit of becoming a techie. But life has its creatively tricky ways to propel you ahead. Somehow, I left art completely and gave in to the studies. 

Life as a fresher 

After two-three months or so, we as freshers had to introduce ourselves with a 3-minute talent showcase. This was basically for a general introduction to the seniors and faculty members of the department. Like every other uninterested person, I chose a song to sing. But the night before the event, a voice inside me kept on saying that "This is not you!". I rolled up a huge sheet, picked up some colors, and decided to paint in just those 'three minutes.' introduction, my painting

I practiced that night and entered the stage with that huge sheet fixed on cardboard. I introduced myself and started painting as the timer was clicked on. I was a kid who never performed solo on stage, I was shivering but smiling. The moment the timer went off, I turned around and held up my painting high. For the first time, everyone in the hall stood up to clap and cheer for a performer that day. That feeling was so beautiful, it made me believe that I can somehow find a balance between everything I wanted to do and be.

This confidence and trill stayed along the way. Since then I've won a lot of art competitions for the college. My graffiti design was selected, and I formed a 16 member-team to paint two huge college walls of 14x27 feet in the college. We won two graffiti competitions as well with this team under my lead. Other than these, I explored graphic designing and content writing for college coding events.

For the college fest, I worked as the head of 'Content, Social Media, and Promotions' team that helped me push myself. Our efforts earned us a huge appreciation for creating above 2 lakh impressions for the Instagram page that never crossed thousands. All through these years, I took up every opportunity I got without stopping at anything. All these activities built my character, shaped me in innumerable ways, and, most importantly, instilled self-confidence in me.

Academics, internships and placements

My college grades were good as well, but I somehow realized that I might lag in my coding abilities. I had been exploring my technical interests as well all these years by participating in a lot of seminars, workshops, and training programs. It was in my 6th semester that I began to properly focus on my technical abilities to get through a fine placement.

I faced my share of difficulties, but I got a lot of help from my seniors and teachers. I worked pretty hard on myself and happened to find a great internship after the 6th semester. It was something I had never tried before and was entirely different from the mainstream.

I chose Game Development. It was bewildering, exciting, and the best way to dive into the depths of coding. I used to work 9 to 5 at the office and absolutely love the work I was doing. I created games, explored completely different tools and technologies, and somehow found my fit.

Cherished four years!

From a person who used to loathe coding to a person who found her fit and got a fine placement as well, I transformed a lot. From a dull introvert to an extrovert and a somewhat popular student, I changed a lot. I found teachers who believed in me, friendships that shaped me.

I found a balance between art and work. I found my real self in these four years. The amazing management of my college, their constant support, and appreciation played a major role in this. It's all these events, opportunities, and competitions that I was exposed to here that shaped me to be what I am today. I am both an artist as well as a proud techie.

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