Fear to Fun, Life-lessons & Beyond classrooms at VIIT, Pune

Making time to do more during college phase... is what makes the student life most productive! Here is a first hand experience sharing by a 2nd year B. Tech (IT) student from Pune.

My Story

Does Engineering evoke Fear? Yes, it did!

I'd like to know if this is something unique to me or if others felt the same way about Engineering course... Since childhood, I remember always feeling some kind of fear whenever I thought of an engineering course. I don't know if it was someway connected to or caused by a sense of resentment or if it was because of the pressure of not being able to pick the only coolest option there was after school... Anyways, I had this mixed reactions and blurry sense about engineering and ever since joining the program at VIIT, I had seen myself evolve. If I have to simply state how engineering student life phase was, I'd say, "Not bad and so far so good".

In search of easier ways is a trait I identify myself with...

What I have learned most from this degree is also something that makes engineering enjoy such an epic brand status - ‘Jugaad’ or 'makeshift answers to every problem.' I'm almost halfway through my degree, and I realize I might have picked up a few knowledgeable things along the way, but it’s one of the two - either how to get away with not doing stuff or more often, how to find / adopt easier ways of working.

Amazing co-curricular activities

There are over 27 student-run cells that cover almost every technical and community service initiative in my engineering college. I am a part of six such student councils, which gives me ample opportunity to express myself. Apart from regular academics, these clubs give a constructive outlet for my ideas. My enthusiasm makes people curious and is the main tool for most of our campaigning activities.

I keep repeatedly hearing from my seniors that my CGPA is not everything. They say that companies are looking for individuals who are ready to work in a team. So taking heed to their advice, I am trying to better my personality with additional skills.

In just a matter of two years, I have headlined many events in the college as a team member in various clubs. I have tried to explore each aspect of managing an event so that I know the ins and outs of everything. From running around for logistics to handling a team of 15 people, I have managed to grow professionally. Being eccentric and naturally inclined to work on & for extra-curricular activities has helped me earn the trust of many. It has become a routine of sorts to be selected by the faculty and seniors for various responsibilities. I am passionate about working and I am reliable!

Exploring different dimensions of life

I love sports and enjoy playing in teams. I have been playing basketball since the 4th grade, and I was afraid that during my college, my tryst with basketball will wane and eventually leave. I was pleasantly surprised to see the gusto for sports in an engineering college. I infact explored new ones like football and realized I had a flair in the sport. 

I am trying to have maximum fun! Having fun is my top priority when it comes to anything I do in life. I have experienced life to the fullest during the days of the annual college fest.

I realized where I am good due to taking part in so many activities; some of which came as a revelation to me - I myself did not know I was good at dancing and acting. Self awareness is a blessing, I heard someone say. I am glad. College fest is the time to let go and discover hidden passions and talents. I tried out almost everything from decorating the campus to being the show stopper for the theme show... I was a part of everything. The memories and bonds I created during these events are special.

It’s not all about being the best at academics

I suffer from FOMO - Fear of Missing Out. However, that is mostly because of the bleak survival rates after graduation that our professors keep reminding us of. But this quality that I attained has made me a well-rounded human. It also branded me as the most eccentric student. I approach every opportunity confidently, give my very best as well as hope for the best.

Engineering is a very competitive course. To stand out in the competition, you must be ready to give your everything. That includes sleep and social skills. Sadly, many engineers are shamed because of their lack of social skills. Is it fair to ask someone to memorize Dijkstra’s algorithm and also be the extra social guy to engage and entertain the group of friends / peers at the club?

I wouldn’t consider myself a 'nerd,' but I do rank somewhere close to the toppers of my class. I have found that studying daily is not my cup of tea. Something that works for me is studying during stress. It's a risky journey, but I find that to be most exhilarating and effective since I understand concepts much better!

What I find exhausting is constantly juggling a million things. Being an engineering student on its own is tiring, and on top of that I am taking up several other responsibilities in college. As a way to balance between these many to-dos, I seem to have got better at managing time. Time management - I got better at since joining engineering. 

To experience the roller coaster ride that is engineering, I never let any of my passions die. Whether it was doing dumb things around the city with my friends or just traveling outskirts for a relaxing getaway. I believe life is like riding a bicycle, the only way we can move forward is if we continue to have balance in all aspects of our life.

A pleasant learning experience... 

I am currently a student at Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology (VIIT). It is fairly new institution established in 2002, located in the quieter part of the bustling Pune city. I am pursuing Bachelor of Technology with specialization in Information Technology (B. Tech - IT). The college campus has about 5 separate buildings / towers and a large ground for sports. The campus is the most beautiful around monsoon because it is located on an higher altitude and has misty clouds and scenic views. The whole vibe of the college sets the mood for a pleasant learning experience.

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