My College Days: The Time I Will Always Treasure

My Story

College is your foremost step into the real world. It’s perhaps a first time opportunity, early in life, to be on your own in an altogether new environment and ambience. You would have to make new friends, grab opportunities to excel, adapt to the new environment and much more. Everything can be very overwhelming initially, but that is what the fun element is... In your college days, you’ll experience life-changing moments and make memories that will stay for a long time, close to your heart. Strangers will become best friends; the college will be your home, canteens & eateries around come to your rescue.

The first day of college is a total adrenaline rush. Some of you may have your college life planned and sorted. Others just land into the first day's orientation program with no expectations at all. Well, in my case, it was the former. I was that kid who wanted to get maximum scholarships and make loads of life-long memories at the same time. Here's the rest of the story...

My course and campus

Choosing the right course and college after your school is probably the first significant decision you'll take in your life. I had a commerce background, so I felt that B.Com was pretty straight forward choice. Purusing B.Com. at Kalindi College, a constituent college of the much glorified Delhi University with a major in economics is undoubtedly an overwhelming experience. Delhi University has one of the most competitive group of students. Mostly, coming from varied backgrounds given the diversity of population in Delhi and NCR. Besides, being a central university, it attracts sizable applications for admissions from across the country.

B.Com., as it turns out, is basically an advanced version of everything you learned in your 11th and 12th syllabus. The focus is mainly on equipping you with an elaborate spread of generalized subjects necessary for pursuing any professional courses / certifications to follow through from B.Com., in the future. Attention on the much needed technology applications like tally, e-commerce apps, digital marketing, etc., is also part of the curriculum. The faculty by and large are dedicated and approachable even when it comes to helping out in personal problems, if any.

Co-curricular activities

College is more about exploring your interests as much as finessing your scholastic  application oriented knowledge. Opportunities to showcase your talent in front of a large audience will start right from day one. There is a fresher’s party to make you feel warm and welcome to your new surroundings. This is the perfect platform for someone who wants to get popular. There are also various college festivals every year where students from many other colleges come to participate in the events. You can compete or volunteer in any such fest.

I was more inclined to believe that my intellectual abilities would see me through, and so I joined Enactus in my first year. There are various other societies and college unions for dramatics, fashion, debate, sports, student politics / elections, gymnastics, and many more. You can get into the society that best suits you, but not before you make it through the selection process. Yes, there is a selection process and you'd have to prove worthy of joining a particular society / union. It was quick to dawn on me that college life is lot more than just books and studies. I was sure, I'd be learning a lot... and yes, student-life phase teaches a lot of lessons for life but, mind you, only to those who are discerning!


As earlier mentioned, I was a part of Enactus. Their main agenda was to give a voice to the underprivileged. There, I made a lots of friends and got to realize the different side of the city. I also secured an internship with an NGO later on. My one year in Enactus made me more responsible and punctual. It shaped my perspective towards the different sections of the society and helped me acknowledge their hardships. It fills my heart with joy to know that I was able to contribute my share to their development.

Meeting and trying to make an impact on people you barely know in itself is a challenge that  this group encourages throughout the college. These strangers eventually become members of our family. Unplanned trips, late-night concerts, bunking classes, canteen gossips are some of the few things that make our college life memorable.

A commerce student in my college

Commerce is among most sought after undergraduate programs in Delhi University. So, getting an admission into B.Com. program was like a dream come true for me. There are generally very high cut-offs for B. Com., during the admission process and therefore it is natural to expect a peer group of some very highly competitive and bright minds. It is a tough program and thanks to the faculty, who are the very best, take efforts to make it easier for the students.

Wrap up

College days are going to be the best days of your lives with endless memories to cherish. You’ll make friends that will last forever. Explore as many opportunities you get and excel in all of them. The choices of college, course and career are in my view continuing and evolving. And this is what makes it precisely uncertain and tentative. So, if you are confused, it is only natural. I have realized that there are many who have taken up what seems like  unconventional and non-linear career paths. Like some have taken up writing of varied niche - travel, culture, politics, social sector, etc. Some have gone ahead with further higher studies. It is ofcourse natural to be concerned about the future and in doing so, if you have some questions that seem to be staying on unanswered, I guess, its okay! Just that you are wondering about those questions would eventually lead you to find the answers best suited to you, at least, that is my hope and wish.

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