My Life At Fergusson College, Pune

College was going to be my springboard to my future, and I was geared up for everything says this Fergusson College student

My Story

My opinions about college were primarily based on what I had seen in movies. However, my first day here was nothing like I had expected. No impromptu flash mobs, no upbeat music playing in the background, and absolutely no cliques. Although I felt a little betrayed by stereotypical movies, I quickly got accustomed to Fergusson College Pune.

High school had given me all the confidence I needed to feel like I could do anything. So, before beginning my journey as a college student, I vowed never to say no to an opportunity. I was ready to take on anything life threw at me and got all the experience I wanted. College was going to be my springboard to my future, and I was geared up for everything.

A college that is always blooming

Fergusson College was nothing like the pigeonholes, it was much more than that, and it took me a few weeks to realize that. With its heritage of eminence of engaging brilliant minds, there is never a dull moment in my college. However, my college is not loud. Students, committees, and even teachers are always up to something interesting, but they never parade their ideas around on the campus.

If I wanted to do something worthwhile, I had to begin looking for activities to do. My year began with a wildlife film festival. Here, I learned about the highly revered art of film making and photography in the wilderness and its untamed terrains. I participated in ecological conferences and presented my research and work on severe philosophical and environmental issues. 

Finding my identity

It felt great to find my niche and meet like-minded people in my college. It took some searching and a lot of effort to find people who had the same thought process as me. Fergusson College is huge and has a lot of departments scattered around the campus. As an environmental science student, I felt a connection with both sides of my campus. 

It could be the art students talking about poetry and music or the science students debating the relevancy of a postulate. I always felt like I had something to add to the conversation. The lively and curious atmosphere of Fergusson College always keeps me on my toes. Now, even a simple walk through the green campus results in me trying to remember the scientific names of indigenous plants. 

Our NSS groups are one of the largest in the city. I diligently participated in all the social service activities organized by our group leaders. During the tragic floods in Kolhapur and Sangli districts of Pune this monsoon, our NSS group took five volunteers on a flood relief camp. I was one of the volunteers who readily agreed to participate in this operation and learned a great deal about relief and flood aid through this. 

Fergusson college Fest ...ZOON 2017-18... - YouTube

I realized college is not all about your degree and your GPA. I kept my scores up throughout the year and tried my best to hold a spot in the top 5 percentile of my class. Textbooks and teachers in college have taught me just as much as the college fest and the camps. I took part in sports, cultural events and even formed my band in just one semester.

A little about my course 

I am a first-year student enrolled in the Fergusson College Pune. I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in environmental sciences. This is a 3-year course where we study mainly four subjects, including EVS, for the first two years. Students begin their course with four subjects Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, and EVS. By the end of the second year, you drop the three accessory subjects and only focus on EVS for your final year.

The Fergusson College Pune is a historically rich college founded in the year 1885 by the Deccan education society. It was initially a privately governed college but soon became affiliated to the Pune University. Currently, it is on its way to full Autonomy to become a university on its own in the nearing future. 

Environmental science is a rather new field in my college, which was only introduced a few years ago. However, the teachers and the highly trained staff make you forget how new it is. The green campus and the "FC hill" make my college one of the best places to study environmental science


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