Your time to win now... How to crack interviews?

As the season for campus recruitment / placements is soon to be underway, here's a suggestions based write-up for candidates / job-seekers


Hey job seekers! Tired of applying to many jobs and getting rejected? Want to be aware of some basic interview questions beforehand? Would it be great if a few guidelines are provided to crack interviews? Here’s the platform for all such questions and concerns. It would be great if we go prepared with a set of Q&As to an interview right? The following are some of the frequently asked questions during interview: 

1. Tell me about yourself/ Introduce yourself- The most crucial question which seems very simple. First, be sure to know who you are! :-) As part of the basic introduction of yourself, you may walk through the interviewer / panel on your origins, family background, parents & siblings occupational profile, your academics & projects / internships, co and extra-curricular interests and so on. Do make sure to include a snapshot of your accomplishments and memorably monumental life-experience(s). It may, if possible, be ideal to showcase those aspects about yourself that you feel may be best suited to the role for which you are applying. But this is not a necessity. Be honest and straight-forward in your presentation about yourself.

(I’m XYZ. I have graduated in ..... subject from.....; I have an experience of …….I specialize in …..  and a similar kind of a role with more scope to grow made me apply to this job)

2. Why do you want this job?- One should have the correct and convincing reason to apply for any job. Display your skills and interests. Mention how you like the way their company is working on similar lines. Let the employer know how your adroitness can help to serve the job role better. Focus on what you bring to the company / team.

( I like writing and blogging. Also, I am enthusiastic about ‘Education’. Since the profile being offered by your education portal serves both my interests, I would love to be a part of your esteemed organization.) 

3. Why should we hire you?- This is a great chance for you to exhibit your talents, skills and qualities. Mention your USP. You can give a brief of your achievements other than academics, your qualities of how you handle people/team, your leadership skills and support with pieces of evidence from the past. Do not try to showcase anything that you are not. You would not be able to give any further details if asked. And again, focus and convey to the interviewer what exactly you bring to the company / team.

(I am a team player, I have handled a team of 12 members in college/previous job in so and so work. OR I am trained in the German language and can handle the majority of your German clients. OR I can confidently say that my strength is in design - from concept to coding the UI - and I have already demonstrated my interest and exposure to design projects in my CV as well as in the earlier technical round. I do feel your company would give me scope to leverage my interest and expertise and build on it. I love challenges - and am looking forward to working in a cross-section of projects) 

4. What are your plans? or Where do you see yourself in the medium term future?- The employer wants to know if you are serious about the position you are applying for or not and whether you are likely to be stable in working at their company. Be honest with your future plans or higher studies. Let the recruiter know how this job will help you to enhance your capabilities to achieve your aim and work for the mutual development of the organization. Do not specify a role or a position (I see myself as a Managing Director or I see myself in your place... is not ideally the way to go). Instead, express your enthusiasm to work and grow with the company. If this job is not related to your goals, throw light on how the experience will be helpful or how important it can be to support your career. 

( I am interested in doing an MBA after gaining some job experience. Working with your organization as an HR Executive can actually give me practical experience in the same field that I would be studying in a couple of years OR I am trying to get a government job and I want to earn for myself without depending on anyone. Working with such a reputed BPO can be very helpful for enhancing the interpersonal skills that would be necessary for any further job)

5. Do you have any questions?- After all, an interview should be more of a dialogue/discussion, not a one-sided Q/A session. Do some research work about the company, ask questions related to any of their products, any news of that company, growth opportunities, salaries(after the job has been offered), holidays/leaves, anything that you would want to know about the company in general. This is a chance for you as well to judge whether the profile is suitable for your requirements. 

(What are the growth opportunities within the management? OR How are you liking this company...and so on…..) 

To sum up the secret of getting hired easily... 

Basic guidelines for attending an interview​​​​

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