Is it Books versus OR vis-à-vis e-Books?

This article briefly outlines the preference and utility of traditional paper bound books and emerging ebooks / audiobooks


The world is becoming tech-savvy day by day. Increasing role of technology, today, in almost everything is undeniable. 

Members of GenX and some from millennials generations may have known and used inland letters, post-cards, etc. The advent of information and communication technologies and the internet coincided with these generations who have had to adapt and adopt newer technology enabled modes to communicate (in quick succession). Typewriters, as popular as they were until the recent-past, are now remembered with a sense of nostalgia; computers / wired & wireless and virtual keyboards have completely replaced typewriters. As a matter of fact, (soon) audio-to-text tools / features are going to be the norm of the day. This development may render keyboards largely redundant. Many households used to have a globe, atlas and certain maps. Now, the concept of using physical maps is becoming a passe, thanks to google maps and the like. So much so that even many physical humans functions at workplaces are being replaced&nbs...

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