Government's announcement on Semester Exams for Tamil Nadu Universities & Colleges

Tamil Nadu Higher Education Minister K Ponmudy has made an announement regarding semester exams in all higher education institutions in Tamil Nadu. This is in the backdrop of rising Covid-19 positive cases in the State and across the Country


Tamil Nadu Higher Education Minister K Ponmudy has said that all the semester examinations at colleges across the state will be conducted in online mode from February 1.

In the backdrop of rising Covid-19 positive cases in the State and across the Country, the Tamilnadu State Government has announced that the Semster exams are to be conducted online for all students except the final-year students who would be required to take the exams in the traditional offline mode. Minister 

The online exams are to be scheduled between Feb 1 to Feb 20. Decisions about reopening the colleges will be taken February 20, 2022.

Perhaps the educators and educational leaders must now contemplate alternative evaluation and assessment models as they are further challenged with such disruptions to their academic calendars and established norms. "We live in a world that has changed so much since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Most activities have been impacted and we were all taken by surprise. But, going forward, it will be reasonable to expect that disruptions like these may keep showing up once in a while. This can be an opportunity to invest our capabilities in evolving better alternatives", said Prof. Prabhakara Raya, an avid technology and governance policy analyst, and formerly with Pondicherry University for over 3 decades.

We are seeing hybrid everywhere. Perhaps, it is warranted to consider alternatives with an eye on the future and use this opportunity to test and validate our assumptions. We have been responsive, sometimes swiftly and at other times slowly, to react to external changes. It is still better if we are proactive in prioritizing transformation. The size and scale of Indian Education segment is uniquely large and complex. And precisely for that reason, it presents, a variety of opportunities to intervene with solutions. Teachers, Educational Leaders and Leadership at the helm of institutions have a great opportunity here!

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