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This article presents informative exepriential insights of a recent SVC alum. There's lots of info about the admissions and life at Sri Venkateswara College (SVC, New Delhi), one of the top Delhi University colleges.

My Story


A big hello everyone and welcome to the world of Venky, as the students recognize the college. Here I am going to share a few of my experiences in Sri Venkateswara College (SVC)- admissions, campus life, cultural clubs, fests and other facts. SVC is a south-campus college of Delhi University, located in Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi. It is managed by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) and hence has a Venkateswara Swamy Temple inside the college campus. 

Having studied in a Delhi school, I have always heard the craze students had to join DU, especially Venky. Joining such an on-campus college is considered very prestigious till date. The fact that not even the toppers of my school could realistically fancy standing a chance of joining SVC motivated me to aspire to join this college anyhow. I was so fervent that Sri Venkateswara College was the only college I have ever applied for!  

How I got into Venky- Admissions 

SVC (a Delhi University College), has its admission process based on the DU criteria- Class XII Percentage of the Best of Four subjects. Applicants need to fill an online admission form in the DU website along with their scores and details. After the cut-offs are released, the applicants can approach the college and get enrolled for their respective courses. Those applicants whose "Percentage of the Best of Four Subjects" are greater than the published cut-off scores generally secure admission to pursue an undergraduate course at SVC.

Being an above-average student, I lacked 2-3% to match the cut-off. But that was the only college I have applied for, making it a do-or-die situation for me. That’s when I was informed about Sports quota and ECA (extra-curricular activities) quota. Being a zonal Handball player and a trained Kuchipudi dancer, I got myself registered for the trials and auditions. And that is how I got into SVC through ECA by clearing Kuchipudi auditions in 2015.  (personal comment)

Good to know info -  Now the ECA auditions are not held by individual colleges. Combined auditions are organized in any selected venue/college. All the up-to-date information regarding the online application process, venue details and cut-off lists and other notices will be available in the official Delhi University website.

ECA guidelines 2019-20 (for reference):

Course Selection, Academics and Faculty 


SVC is one of the top ten leading colleges of DU since decades which has Science, Commerce and Arts blocks. As of 2019, SVC offers 20 Under-Graduate Courses, 9 Post-Graduate Courses and 10 Add-On Courses in foreign languages and others. The board that operates the syllabus is CBCS (Choice Based Credit System), in which students can opt any subject as Generic Elective which interests them apart from their course.

SVC experience is in a large measure enabled by its well-qualified faculty. The most noteworthy feature I have personally felt is that SVC's faculty are positive-minded, encouraging & approachable.

Coming to the course selection, it is very important and to be taken seriously as the course in graduation paves a way to the future, one may want to take up. Being a Commerce student, I chose the 3-year, Bachelors of Arts degree in Sociology (Honors) after due research and considering my father's advise who had way-back chosen Sociology as an optional subject. He was then preparing for civil service exams. Though it was challenging in the initial semesters, my interest in the subject grew and I managed to graduate with flying colours with the help and guidance of friends and faculty. 



  • Library- The College is equipped with a fully computerized library, functioning on the basis of “open access” system. It has more than one lakh book titles. The library delivers special services to the visually impaired students by providing assistive technologies with the support of Equal Opportunity cell of College as well as DULS.
  • Medical Room- A doctor is always present for attending patients. 
  • Sports Room- All the necessary sports equipment is available for the students.  
  • Laboratories- The labs are well-equipped with essentials and supporting staff. 
  • Hostel- Separate hostel for boys and girls are named after Lord Balaji and Goddess Padmavathi. Separate mess for the hostlers is available. A badminton court for the hostlers is there. Festivals are celebrated especially for the hostlers so that they do not miss their nativity. Separate excursions are organized for them once in a year.  
  • Bank- Andhra bank is available inside the campus. 

Life at Campus


Delhi is a mixture of all cultures and Delhi University is something that students from different corners of the world strive to join. People from different backgrounds, status-quo, regions can be seen in the college. There is a huge diversity to experience and learn from. Every day, therefore, is interesting here. 

The first day was an exciting orientation day. The principal addressed the new students and all the cultural clubs/ societies demonstrated themselves. Followed by a freshers’ party which is a warm welcome by the seniors to make juniors comfortable, the days went on well with ups and downs.  

Staying almost 15km away from college, I used to rush early in the morning as the classes started by 8:45 am. With breaks in between, classes ended at 3:45 pm or even before that. 

In between we (the students) could have some tasty food at subsidised rates in our Cafeteria, sit in the foyer and plan the day, get our readings/ study material from the “stationary wale bhaiya”, go to the auditorium to see people practicing for different events, relax in the rock garden in front of the auditorium, play games with the orphan children who came for studying from our social service volunteers, have some photography sessions near the “Redwall” (all the DU colleges have these red brick walls), go to the front lawn for preparing for the next class and watch students playing cricket in the college ground; the day ended with a bold decision to bunk the last class and go for an outing. 

Looking at the South Campus metro station (next to the college) that was under construction since years and wondering whether that would ever be completed, all plans to go out generally flopped as no other means of transport seemed as convenient as Delhi Metro. We always ended up with the dialogue “Chalo ab Satya hi chal lo”. Satya Niketan is the area just opposite to Venky, has a chain of cafes and houses many outstation students staying in pg.  

(Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus Metro Station now operates on the pink line)  

Nearest places to explore around the college- Satya Niketan, South Campus Building (especially cafeteria), Indian Mountaineering Foundation 

 Must-Try Co-Curricular Activities


Venky is a hub of cultural societies alive with bounteous opportunities. These include cultural societies for Theatre, Dance, Choreography, Film & Photography, Yoga and Music. Social Service societies include Parivartan, Enactus, and Leaders for Tomorrow, etc. TEDx, MUN, Civil Services, Debating, Poetry, etc. are the clubs for students with academic interests. Various cells like Women Development Cell (WDC), Equal Opportunity Cell (EQC) are the contributions of the college towards the upliftment and the welfare of the society. To provide students with employment and other skills, the college has Entrepreneurship Cell, Blue Chip (Finance Cell) and Placement Cell as well. Sonnet Cricket Club which has trained several international level players mentors budding cricketers every weekend in the college ground itself. SVC takes pride in providing with many more great opportunities for students to develop their personality as a whole and pursuing their interests.  

I have started with dance and choreography society which I quit in the middle because of the time and distance constraints. Later when I realized what I was missing, I joined the Association of Sociology, WDC, EQC and participated in every event I could. Being a DU student and not joining any society is a sin! Don’t afford to miss all the fun is what I can say.  

Reverberating College Fests 

Nexus is one of the most awaited fests of DU. The three-day themed fest, conducted in February is full of enthralling performances, theme-based sets, loads of photography, friends and participants coming from the other colleges, music, dance, food and what not! The most fascinating part of the fest is the “Star Night” on the last day when a celebrity singer performs for the students.

Department fests are no less. So much of competition lies in between the departments to prove their talents. Fests are the most recreating events after which the students again have to get back and prepare for the final exams. 

- Students Council of the college takes an active part and responsibility in organizing the fests and other events. They all get elected through Delhi University Elections, which seem almost like the national elections with lots of campaigning and one can fully feel the “political Chaska” (political vibes). 

Friends, Memories and Farewell 

The most important days of life are the college days and this is the place where most of the students find people very close to heart. I remember that I was horrified looking at a strength of 60 girls and a handful of boys in my classroom on the first day. Having studied from a co-ed school, I could never believe that girls could be good friends too. We are a group of ten girls now, each from a different region, culture and having different customs. We could get along so well for quite a long time and I realized that the only thing that matters is the bond between people irrespective of differences. 

Being a part of societies and clubs, I had different groups of friends which made me so attached to the college. Working in the college for events and programs until 6/7pm became my routine by the end of the third year. College is like a second home when you start getting involved in various activities and getting along with various people. Bidding adieu to such a place is the saddest part. But after all, it’s life and it has to move on.  


Hailing from a traditional family, I have hardly had exposure to party culture, nightlife and wondered if I could ever experience all this.  Satya Niketan was the party venue for my schoolmates, where I was never allowed to go. Joining Venky has fulfilled all such fantasies. Satya was our “adda” for three years. And all the party culture, nightlife fun, celebrity concerts and visits were accomplished in Venky during fests, events and cricketers’ visits during weekends.  

The college provides a great opportunity to open up and grow. My initial experience was not-so-good, the reason being I feared talking to people despite being an extrovert. Starting from the classroom experience, I never understood the lectures because of the English accent and pace of professors; and of course, the subject was new too. And so, I usually kept calm and rushed home as soon as the classes ended. Had I continued the same way; I would never have been what I am today.  

It was in my second year that I dared to stand up for myself and contest in Department Elections. Thanks to the people around me who recognized my capabilities and voted. That was when I regained my confidence and started taking an initiative in every event. Hosting my department fest was a stepping-stone for me to face the crowd, though it was a disaster. Gradually as I opened up and polished my skills, the opportunities came my way. And today, here I am, hosting many events, some of them led by the government and organizing several activities.  

Venky, you are the best part of my life and CV as well ;) 

Note: -

  • Do thorough research before joining any college. Never apply for a single college, that’s risky. Always have a backup option.  

  • Be a part of some of the other clubs/ societies. Never quit in the middle as extra-curricular activities add a lot of value to your qualification.  

  • Attending the placements of the college is crucial. Not to undermine campus placements. Joining or not will be in your hands but you can’t get it if you lose it. 

  • Engaging with professors and students in college can be very helpful. Never hesitate to speak up. 

  • Take admission in DU if given a chance. This is the place where you just don’t exist but live life to the fullest.

Kudos to the juniors joining Venky! All the Best :) 

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