How to become a National level Tennis Sportswoman?

Aiming to play national level tennis calls for a lot of discipline and perseverance.

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This high-octane racquet game is considered to be one of the toughest sports in the world. To become a professional tennis player, one needs to have high standards of physical fitness and a laser-sharp focus on the game. Every day hundreds of young kids pick up the racket with a vision to become professional tennis players, but very few manage to achieve it. The main reason why youngsters drop out of the sport midway is the competitive academic field and very few prioritize sports over education.

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As a tennis player and sports enthusiast myself, the issue with women sportspersons is similar but with added social inhibitions. Few years into the game, I realized parents play a cardinal role in getting their children into sports. Tennis happened to me because of my mother who happens to be a sports lover. Her unwavering support and assistance in every possible way have helped me in becoming a decent player.

However for any youngster to play a national level or professional tennis, few things cannot be downplayed.

5 Pointers that will help in becoming a national level tennis player

  • Start Young: This is a key factor that needs to be understood by the parents. Many successful tennis players were introduced to the game when they were as young as 6. There are significant advantages of letting the child play a game at a very young age. This enables them to take up the sport seriously when they attain their teenage. Starting young makes the kids more aware of the importance of discipline, healthy eating at a very early stage in life. It also gives them more room for improvement over the years.
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  • Have a mentor/coach: Choosing the right coach is very crucial. The parents of the player should interact and clearly state their aim of playing professional tennis at the very beginning itself. The coach should be able to provide efficient coaching and wholesome mentorship concerning the game. It should also include inculcating self-discipline that contributes towards generating the spirit of sportsmanship.
  • Invest in efficient tennis gear: Apart from being demanding in terms of physical strain, tennis is also a game that requires considerable financial expenditure. Investing in the right kind of tennis gear like racquets, shoes, clothes, etc, makes a huge difference to the game. If this is downplayed, it may result in unnecessary injuries.
  • Work on fitness/ hire a trainer: For a player to achieve a certain level of standard in a game, physical fitness and endurance levels are extremely important. Besides having a professional coach, a player needs to hire a trainer who takes care of overall body fitness. Proper coordination between the coach and the trainer is also an important aspect of the entire training session.
  • Learn from every tournament: As the player starts playing tournaments it is imperative to learn from the matches played irrespective of the result. The coach and the trainer should analyze and understand issues with the player’s skill. It is extremely pivotal to discuss the performance of the player at the end of every tournament. This ensures improvement and growth in the game.


As mentioned above, tennis demands early introduction to the game and financial assistance. Hence, parents play a huge role in this path towards playing professional or national level tennis. It requires years of unrelenting practice and perseverance to become a professional tennis player.

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