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Mr. Anil Kumar SG, Founder & CEO, Samunnati

He is a career banker turned Entrepreneur with over 27 years of experience with banking experience in entities like Canara Bank and ICICI Bank. Samunnati is hugely inspiring agri fin-tech company that works in agriculture sector to help farmers / agriculturists. We are grateful to Mr. Anil Kumar SG for making time (back in 2018) for this conversation with Futurevolve.

 As an Entrepreneur and Leader par Excellence, it is endearing that Mr. Anil Kumar SG appreciates the valuable life lessons he came across in his first job.


Mr. Sai Shravanam, Music Producer & Composer, Founder of ResoundIndia

"Kalaimamani" awardee Sai is a sound professional, music producer, composer & instrumentalist. He is the first sound recordist to be awarded Kalaimamani Award by the Government of Tamilnadu. He worked as Sound Recordist/Additional Engineer for the Academy award winning film “Life of Pi”. As Indian Music Producer, Music Arranger, Scoring and Recording Engineer & Musician, he has worked in “THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY”. Mr. Sai Shravanam (back in 2018) spoke with Futurevolve and We Thank Him for sharing his experiential reflections.

Self Learnt instrumentalist and sound professional in this thought provoking insightful episode shares his experience of not having a teacher and yet gained learning for life. Mr. Sai Shravanam is the recipient of Madhura Murali Purashkar from the engimatic and acclaimed Padma Vibhushan Dr. Balamurali Krishna.

It is especially important now to help each other through informing and inspiring each other as we collectively strive to tide over this crisis. 

Wish you a pleasant, safe and at-home Sunday.

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