Futurevolve hosts Dr. Sam Paul, an apt ambassador for a multipotentialite

An article presenting a snapshot of our conversations with Dr. Sam Paul, a compelling ambassador of a multipotentialite who is invested in business, politics and public service as well as education sector.


End of March 2021 at Futurevolve saw us taking the opportunity to release our conversation with Dr. Sam Paul, a compelling ambassador of a multipotentialite. This was a virtual conversation we had conducted towards the end of January 2021.

Trained as engineer and lawyer, Dr. Sam Paul pursued doctorate. He is an alumnus of College of Engineering, Guindy (Anna University), Mnm Jain Engg College (Madras University), Dr. Ambedkar Law University School Of Excellence In Law, and Kalinga University, Raipur.

It is a matter of great satisfaction that Dr. Sam Paul agreed to give us the time and speak with us.  Especially so since he has such a wide ranging professional commitments and activities.

Dr. Sam Paul's entrepreneurial and business ventures

His political / public service duties

That we could catch up with him on the eve of the elections also gave us an opportunity to speak on his political beliefs and ideological moorings.

Dr. Sam Paul serves as Chairman and runs established schools and colleges

Here we present to you a summary snapshot of major talking points hosted on Dr. Sam Paul's Social Media channels as well as on the Futurevolve's Social Media.

On politics and business endeavors

Mentors who inspire Dr. Sam Paul 

On the attributes necessary for those seeking to enter politics

We welcome you to check out this snippet on Futurevolve's Linkedin account about his early entrepreneurship experiences and the importance of continuous learning in this day and age.

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