WFA - The Aegon Life Insurance way!!

Move over work-from-home, Aegon Life Insurance ushers in a workplace where "work from anywhere" is possible.


It was just about when murmurs about a pandemic were finding their way into the news, in February 2020, that Aegon Life Insurance Company announced Leadership Appointment of Sunita Rath as their Chief People's Officer. If there is one group that had to contend with the effects of the pandemic, it is PEOPLE. 

We often come across people suggesting the importance of staying resilient and responsive. Well, here is a company, that has responded, and how!! 

Work from Anywhere (exactly, why only Home!?) is the new policy rollout at Aegon Life Insurance. To conduct an overhaul of systems, procedures and workplace policies is not an easy walk in the park for anybody. Surely so, when such an overwhelming pandemic had let loose its fury.

Digital way of work and life appears to be here to stay. It is a reality all of us must come to acknowledge. That said, digitizing has to be thorough and can only lead to a successful transformation if it is well thought-through. The focus of the Leadership at Aegon Life Insurance is evident. 

'Work from Anywhere (WFA)' policy is going live on April 1, 2021. This is perhaps the first major insurance company to formally adopt such a transformative policy at scale. Going forward, employees could work from any location across the country. It is not a policy idea in isolation to make it sound big. There are surely innumerable number of changes to be put in place. For example, I had come across an interview of Ms. Rath where in she highlighted the concept of "core-hours" replacing "work-hours". The managerial staff across the company were oriented to schedule / conduct "e-meetings and web/conference calls" only in these ear-marked "core hours". This was introduced taking congizance of the home and other demands of employees. Undoubtedly, this takes away the "busy all day" feeling from the employees' psyche. In turn, enhancing the quality of life of their employees and their families. The Leadership and HR Teams involved in the company deserve applause for ushering in such a bold new change at the workplace.

We have come to witness a number of companies adopting and considering to adopt similar policy outlook as it contributes to "productivity" as well as "cost management" mandates for the companies. Ultimately, both of these goals or mandates can become reality with "people empowered with technology" accruing these benefits to the company.

The Hague, Netherlands headquartered company is a leading providers of life insurance, pensions and asset management solutions.

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