Cheers from #Twitter for the Weekend

For the sake of spreading positivity and empathy, this article collates impactful social media posts from educator fraternity.


Dhevarajan Devadas' tweet reminded us of what an year it had been!

It was on January 23, 2020 that the first case of Covid 19 virus was reported in Singapore. And since then, life turned out to be surreal in every which way.

The disruption caused to the life and work is unprecedented and it had dealt a blow to us, all, together, and almost around the same time. 

It has also meant that there were ever greater number of those suffering around the world and so many tried to help each other out and spread the camaraderie with their positivity and helpfulness.

And when we saw numerous such touching and well meant conversations, it got us thinking. We felt that we do our bit in supporting this spirit of empathy. Here we are presenting to you some of the interesting thoughts that we hope are informative and value-adding.

Gratitude is the finest of human emotions. It was a tweet by University of Manchester's Teaching Associate (Law), Ms. Rosie Toll (below) that prompted this thought on Gratitude. 

In these trying times, when there are so many valid and justified reasons to feel deprived and down, just reconnecting with an acquaintenance, friend, teacher or relative can be a source of immense happiness.


This post (below) from University of Texas Educator, Prof. Michael Pyrcz is thought provoking on his take on teaching and mentoring experience as well as other important life lessons. 


The positivity of this Toronto based educator, Professor Ana Cara, is contagious. Look at her tweet recently. 


A simple rememberance of a good deed or word that you benefited from and taking time to just say THANK YOU to that person can mean a lot. This tweet shows the power of such a THANK YOU to a Teacher.


Neuroscience PhD Scholar Chad C Williams shares his online teaching experience. It is no doubt a new to teachers - to be able to engage online with their classroom. And with everybody grappling with the situation on hand and doing their bit, this tweet reflects the general human tendency to be helpful. 

It is a good idea, always & especially now, to be grateful for what we have... there are so many of them who have lost a great deal personally or/and professionally. As we forge ahead, let us recognize and acknowledge those who were instrumental for our success. 

Comment and let us know such positively influencing exchanges you may have come across.

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