Ricky Kej's Music For A CAUSE & World-Wide IMPACT... Music as a medium for Conservation & Environmental Consciousness

Grammy Award winner Ricky Kej is committed to Conservation and raising Environmental Consciousness among public, communities, policymakers, business leaders, influencers. Since winning the Grammy Award in 2015 and a meeting with India's Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Ricky Kej has dedicated his life to making music about environment and conservation.


Don't miss the (very Interesting!) role of India's Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in shaping Ricky Kej's outlook and resolute commitment towards raising environmental consciousness through music. To know about India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi inspiring message to this Grammy Winning Ricky Kej, listen/see this video!

Grammy Award winner Ricky Kej is committed to stimulating environmental consciousness and has dedicated life to making music about environment and conservation.

In this conversation with Raghurama Krishna, the 2015 Grammy Award winner from India narrates his interaction and the inspiring message from India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi that changed his life's outlook and renewed his commitment to conservation and environment... so much so that his music since winning the Grammy Award has been only about stimulating environmental consciousness through his music.. and he is on this full-time worldwide mission!

http://shantisamsara.com/ may give you more information about his works.

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