Looking back at my choice to pursue Electronics & Communication Engineering

A recent graduate of electronics and communication engineering from Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya University (SCSVMV), Kanchipuram reflects on factors leading to his choice to pursue an electronics engineering degree and introspects into what he likes most about electronics.

My Story

Did you know Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft) and Rajeev Suri (CEO, Nokia Siemens Networks) are E&C graduates. As a recent graduate of E&C Engineering from SCSVMV University (Kanchipuram), I am very mildly proud to learn about this distant and perhaps unrelated connection that I share with such industry leaders.

How I happened to choose Electronics & Communication Engineering? 

After completion of my 12th standard, everyone around me asked me, "what you are going to study next?". It was clear that I was headed towards Engineering. But, that wasn't yet a full-decision. Next major question was, "in what? Which branch / stream was I best fit and was a best fit for me?". This question wasn't easy to answer. It got me to think a lot. I went about meeting and asking a lot of people about what different branches of engineering entailed in terms of experience, skills, opportunities, etc.

Eventually, the time to pick or at least shortlist a branch was to arrive soon and this only got my mind to work even more... It was in this backdrop that I remembered an incident from my childhood - I was perhaps in Class 7 or 8. This incident flashed in my memory with no prompting as such. This incident I remembered involved a technician visiting home to service our television. I was around and was curious to first see the insides of a Television - and then to understand what the problem was! He pretty much told something to the effect that, "its power IC problem and voltage regulator is burnt...".

I tried to understand what it meant - and it was a fascinating thing for me then, to see from close proximity what was inside a television - an extensively used device daily. I remember, I was quite thrilled to notice the 40-50 components fixed on PCB. I was all curious and excited.

Somewhere in all this, I saw and gained an abstract sense of connect with the intricate design, purpose, and working of circuits, micro components, etc. Maybe, there in lied the seed that eventually led me to "lean" towards electronics engineering?

More  pertinently, why Electronics & Communicaton Engineering?

This was a question I am able to more clearly answer now - having travelled through the college and electornics and communication engineering program. I enjoyed choosing electronics engineering for two reasons -

(1) I was told that it is amongst the most challenging branches in engineering and

(2) because of my life experience (starting with that TV) and belief that electronics is unalienable and use of electronics is only going to geometrically increase.

Life is just unimaginable without electronics - this is my belief. With the greater degree of technology role, be it digital or health or IOT or Robotics or anything else, there will always be an interface with electronics. Because, foremost among the users of technology is the consideration to "have enhanced experience" - something that is easy, smooth, sophisticated enough, etc., in all of which electronics have a significant (if not singular) role.

We are witnessing an age of devices - devices are causing us to move from pull and push to clicks. One way to put it is that - Mechanical is core while electronics is at the centre. All this point to one direction - electronics and communication field is to constantly be enhanced and evolved. For the sake of more comfort, ease of use and sophistication.

With all this, the role of E&C engineer is to evee increase and that from a fresher point of view is an important cosnideration to choose a field of study too! I am no different, as a recent graduate of electronics and communication engineering, I am enthused to observe, learn, reimagine and invent.

Looking at all these, it is hoped that the E&C field provides is the most secure field for ones future and at the end,everyone is studding for job opportunities.If you are good in physics and curious to learn about technologies, then E&C must be the first option.

"Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more" .

I am reachable on my linkedin and look forward to job or internship opportunities to contribute my very best to teams and companies especially in the electronics industry.

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