What is 5G? Is it the next big thing to drive tech revolution?

This articles is a primer on what 5G is, why it is so important and how it impacts us in our day to day activities.


5G has emerged as a buzz word in the recent past, especially amongst Connectivity providers as well as as Connected Experience businesses. The centrality of these business providers is to enable such an experience through the use of 5G.

5G delivers wide range of advantages like lighting fast communication, low latency while offering the capability to carry massive number of connections simultaneously and easily increasing the connections within a wide area. 

5G is the technology enabler for a lot of new service offerings from telcos as well as those interested in providing a connected experience.

Some known / daily occurences which could become history with 5G!

  • Took a wrong turn because Google Maps took a second more to prompt you?
  • That lag during a VR gaming session leading to failure to rally in a game of tennis?
  • Clicked your AWS button and waited for quite sometime during an IoT meetup / demo?
  • Felt the need for a VR Streaming based on live actions?
  • Desire to have an enhanced gaming experience without even a gaming console (leave alone disc free)?
  • Yearning for network where 100+ people could actively seamlessly collaborate?
  • Switching between WiFi, fixed broadband, 4G, 3G, hotspots and may be satellite networks?

Some more futuristic services..

5G will make collaboration and connectivity scalable to 10 to 100 times more than what is possible today with 4G. Some examples:

  • Connected automotives, example connected ambulances or driverless cars
  • Smart factories
  • Connected Drones, example live maps and streaming through local drones collaboration
  • Digital healthcare, through remote diagonosis through AR/VR/spatial computing, and medical robotics
  • 4K/8K/.. streaming
  • AI Assistants
  • Intelligent Energy distribution feeds

4G vs 5G Test: Difference in speeds?

Consider the popular example by Nokia where 3 robotic arms are trying to balance the ball on a plate. It takes 11 seconds to collaborate and balance the ball in 4G whereas only 3 seconds in 5G.

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