An unexpected choice of college: Patna Women's College

While a college in Patna was an unlikely choice, I entered my college life with doubts, dilemma and began to fall in love with my college - PATNA WOMEN'S COLLEGE, Patna


March 2019, I got my 12th board results in my hand. I passed with a good percentage. I was happy until I realized that I have to then take admission to a prestigious college. It’s not that I didn't plan for college admissions, but I didn't expect it to be so stressful.

Fate played its role for me

I think there's some sort of an issue between me and my fate. What else explains the opposites - of what I plan and what fate has in store for me!? I always thought of taking admission to college in whichever part of the country, world, universe but never imagined I would be attending college in Bihar or UP. I landed at Patna Women’s College.

A peek into my college life

Patna Women’s College was the first college for women in Bihar established just 7 years before our independence in 1940. It has contributed to women's holistic development, which means a complete development of women in every field. The college was granted the status of Degree College in July 1941. In 2007, the government of Bihar declared the college as a ‘Religious Minority College.’ 

NAAC has accredited the college with an ‘A’ grade for three consecutive cycles with CGPA 3.51/4 in 2010 and CGPA 3.58/4 in 2015. The college also has been accorded as ‘College with Potential for Excellence’ status from UGC in three phases.

More about me and my college admission

I was from a co-ed school, and now I landed in an all-girls college. It was awkward, rather weird. I took admission in the BBA stream. It's not that tough if we ignore accounts (which we can’t ignore), but I have felt that science is a little more exciting (no offence!).

I'd consider myself as an introvert. Due to this, I had to face some issues especially when getting to make new friends. When it comes to choosing friends, I guess I was lucky. I found my people. I belonged in a group.

The college offers all the types of facilities that a student needs, and of course there are also certain restrictive rules - like no mobile phones. We are not allowed to use mobile phones within the college premises (come what may!). We have to wear uniforms (Salwaar Kameez) from Monday to Friday and a casual Salwar kameez on Saturday. I think the uniform could have been a bit formal. But it wasn't all bad! I love my college.

Extra-curricular Orientation & Excellence @ PWC, Patna

Other than academics, the college offers extracurricular activities too. Sports, dance, singing, plays, etc. The college organizes cultural activities, workshops, etc. at regular intervals. Indoor sports like- badminton, table tennis, carrom, etc. outdoor sports like- basketball, cricket, volleyball, kabaddi, hockey, etc. There are track and field activities like- hurdles, throwball, high jump, triple jump, etc. too.

Every year on sports day, the college organizes an inter-departmental competition, and every student must take part in at least one activity.

The college also promotes social activities like- helping the transgender community in Patna, tree plantation, etc. Recently the college completed its 75 years by organizing a three-day event on the college campus. The event held included activities like-creative writing, skit, quiz, singing, dance competition, and a lot more.

Other than these, the college also organizes events for Independence Day, Christmas, etc. The most important and best function organized by the college is, College Day! There are food stalls, DJs, games and of course, dance. Every student here simply loves this part of it.

What is being at college like?

In the beginning, there was a certain confusing, as well as conflicting thoughts - I have studied in a school and have gotten used to the ambience. Here, I was in a college, with an entirely different ambience, rules and expectations surrounded by a whole new set of teachers and fellow students. I realize now, I was maybe focusing on the cons of studying here. Being an introvert, I was sure I’d never been able to make new friends here. I was afraid that I’d never been able to adjust here. 

I am guessing that most first year students entering the college go through similar dilemma. It is okay if a first year student feels so. There is no need to panic. Funnily, it is a learning experience in some ways. But, unfortunately, this year due to the pandemic, it is possible that students may not have the privilege of such new student life experience.

From the very beginning, the one thing I liked about my college was its infrastructure. It’s really beautiful. The white walls, the green, and clean campus are a perfect combination. 

After the inital dilemma, doubts and hestiation, I began enjoying the company of my friends. I was mesmerized by the sound of the birds chirping making the green environment even more beautiful and serene. The blooming pretty flowers welcome us in the morning, and the cool breeze especially around this time of the year is so very calming. 

Would you believe if I said, I could feel the distinct difference in the clean air inside the college campus and breeze one got to experience outside the campus. The huge number of trees in the campus makes all the difference. I’ve started enjoying this nature's beauty. And each day at college also means that I get a chance to reconnect with nature.

When it comes to the recommendation, I can, without a doubt, recommend this college to every girl I know.

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