What Now? How to Forge Ahead, Pandemic Notwithstanding

With the shock of Covid-19 pandemic waning in most parts of the world, people are now looking at the rather weary long road ahead to normalcy being restored. In the meanwhile, there is a looming crisis of jobs and careers. While this crisis is real and undeniable, it is time to remind ourselves that it is not unsurmountable!

Students can no longer prepare for the campus recruitment process just before placement season and get placed. This changed situation is the time when students need to learn to be self-sufficient and sharpen their skills. It begins with creating an online professional portfolio from the first year itself to increase their chance of getting placed. - Dr. Samuel Rajkumar, Director, Placements and Training at VIT Vellore (source: Growing power of digital footprint in placements)
Establishing a strong start to your process is key, along with finding the best ways to leverage your network, your creativity, and your distinctive skill sets. (source: Getting Hired during an Economic downturn)

Although the economic crisis has impacted most job profiles across various sectors, there are a few sectors like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, defence, IT, media, and telecommunications that are least likely to face recession. (source: 5 IT sector jobs to recession-proof your career after Covid-19)

The economic collapse caused by the coronavirus has put millions of economic futures in doubt. More than nine million people have been furloughed in Britain, or 29 percent of the country’s work force, and 2.8 million have filed unemployment claims. Some fields, such as hospitality or live entertainment, seem especially uncertain, leaving some people in a quandary: Wait for business and employment to pick up, or leave behind a job and career and try something new? (source: ‘It’s Time for a Change’: Workers Idled by the Virus Try New Careers)

Job searches for remote work or work from home in the country have increased by over 442 per cent between February and July, the highest globally, according to a report. (source: 
Job search for work from home in India rises 442% during Feb-Jul: Report)

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