5 Most Useful Apps For Students To Help Them Perform Better

There are certain apps that every student will find beneficial. It’s because these applications help them students with their school / college curriculur work. Moreover, it makes handling and managing information easy. Download apps and have all your necessary elements at the tip of your finger! 

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Today, we are living in an era where everything is available on smartphones. While scrolling through social media accounts and online shopping apps, why not add to the benefits you seek from it? Rather than looking for a constant reminder to keep your phones aside, it's time you look for a reminder to use it for something advantageous.

There are certain apps that every student will find beneficial. It’s because these applications help them students with their school / college curriculur work. Moreover, it makes handling and managing information easy. Download apps and have all your necessary elements at the tip of your finger! 

Useful Apps for Students

For students, there are some useful apps that can make studies simpler. No, they don’t necessarily have to be your sources of information for the assignments, but apps that can make learning easy. It doesn't matter if you're in high school or a struggling college senior; these apps are here to increase your productivity, the clever way!

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

As a student, it is a common scenario to look for meanings of different words. Using Merriam, you can not only check out the meaning but also listen to the pronunciation of these words, read about the origin and history of these words.

The app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android too. It allows you to mark a word as ‘Favorite,' creating a separate list that motivates you to use them in a sentence next time. This naturally strengthens your vocabulary too.

A good vocabulary also helps you form a lasting impression in front of your peers, teachers, and employers. This app is most useful for students who need to read through multiple sources pertaining to their courses on a daily basis. 

Top features of Merriam: 

  • "Word of the Day" helps you learn a new word every day.
  • Shows your recent search history 
  • Word games to test your vocabulary 
  • Offline mode available

Khan Academy

This app offers courses on all topics ranging from your traditional high school subjects to intense engineering skills. It is a great way for any student to refurbish on any topic that they missed out on in school or college. Or, if they want to learn something more from the comfort of their homes. It is the most user-friendly app out of all the tutorial-based apps available. 

Each correct answer is rewarded with a little confetti burst, and mastering a skill earns you a badge too. This helps in staying motivated to learn more and achieve more! It is available across Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Top features:

  • Instructors are well-qualified experts.
  • Easy playback video option to help you learn at your pace
  • Tracks your progress and gives personalized course recommendations
  • It’s completely free.

myHomework Student Planner 

Any normal student struggles with keeping track of assignments and coursework. To combat this, a little planning goes a long way! This app saves you a lot of time, as all your tasks can be seen in one place. Available on Android, iOS, and Windows, it's a must-have app to keep all your academic reminders in one place. It will turn you into an efficient planner, so you never forget doing your homework.  

Top features:

  • Allows you to set a priority to your homework
  • Allows you to attach files giving additional information about the homework
  • Has a calendar view to show your schedule
  • Range of homework types to choose from


This is an excellent app for easy notetaking and compiling. What sets it apart from other apps is its easy process to organize notes by creating different notebooks. This app was originally offered on Microsoft but is now available on iOS and Android platforms too. 

The true power in this app comes from the flexibility of content you can add in your notes, from pictures to voice notes. It is useful for just about anyone struggling to keep all their notes for different courses in one place. It also has a unique stylus feature, which lets you make hand-written notes and allows you to make brainstorming doodles too. 

Top features: 

  • Helps create to-do lists
  • Feature to clip articles/webpages for future referral
  • Can sync across multiple devices for easy access
  • Sharing notes helps speedy collaboration.

Office Lens

Office Lens is a free app by Microsoft, which allows you to capture pictures of notes and documents and convert them into pdf format. This makes it editable and shareable. Pictures of an on-going lecture, business card, or a note written in haste can be taken on this app. It is useful for a student who doesn't like making notes but instead captures content from the classroom. It's a Windows app but is now available on iOS and Android too.

Top features: 

  • Easy to upload on cloud
  • Edits photos to omit glare and retain color
  • Converts it into a range of mediums other than pdf
  • Automatically crops background 

As a student, it is very important to make the most of your time and use technology for its original use-to make life easier. Downloading these apps will increase your productivity so you can get more work done daily while developing life skills like planning and organizing. It will not only enhance your academic experience but also give you an excuse when your average screen time increases!

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