college life is what you make of it

A (H) from Indraprastha College for women is all about?

My Story

College is really an experience that prepares you for a lifetime of challenges. It is probably your first interaction with the real world, far beyond your comfort zone. For me, the college has been a transformative experience. Surfing through all the highs and lows, I can finally say that I have grown significantly and expanded my horizons.

I graduated from IP College, Delhi University. This, being a girls’ college and located away from the main campus area, was not my first choice. But it turns out that my resentment landed me straight to the doors of the college.

Delhi University has its name for a reason. The amount of diversity that exists within the place compares to no other. You will find people from all backgrounds and diverse places. It is a perfect place to start with a clean slate and evolve in a manner you choose / prefer. I would go further a bit to say that college life is what you make of it. You can be in the best college and still have a pretty dull life.

What is college life without societies and fests?

One of the highlights of my college life has to be the experiences of the societies and the lit college fests. Dance is my passion, and I went ahead with the western dance society of the college. Now, performing in front of a crowd of hundreds and being cheered for, does seem very glamorous.

While all this seems fascinating, no one really tells you about the crazy number of hours you need to put in to prepare a dance sequence that is worth presenting. It quite literally requires blood and sweat.

But, let me tell you - once you get on the stage and feel the adrenaline rushing, there is no better feeling in the world. I still remember the first time I stood in front of the crazy DU crowd to perform, and the last time I got on the stage. That ‘high’ on stage should be experienced by everyone at least once in their college life. Attending all the amazing college fests in DU is just a side perk that comes along with it.

But honestly, I did feel exhausted by the end of it. Managing a course like B.Com (Hons) along with a society that requires a large part of your day, and above all, living far away from college does get to you eventually.

Got to enhance my skills

However, college life should not be limited to exploring your creative side, but building your professional skills too. Paper-presentations and academic competitions provide the perfect opportunity to hone such skills. For me, activities like organizing events, hosting them, and managing a team, has considerably impacted my journey. It goes without saying, these activities are quite exhilarating too.

Coming back to my actual college life, i.e., the classes. Where is the fun without mass bunks or showing up late, right? I still remember that in my first year, I was late for the same class every day. The teacher was furious with me by the end of a few months. Although I wasn’t very proud of it earlier, now I can happily admit that I have sneaked in from the back door just for attendance and have been kicked out of class for gossiping. All of this just adds to the entire college experience.

It's true that college is all about exploring new places and trying out new things. If you don’t have a wishlist with your gang, you are missing out on all the fun. By the end of 3 years of my college life, my girls and I made it a point to strike out the majority of the items on that list. Be it covering all fancy cafes from the “So Delhi” guide, clubbing, exploring the touristy spots, or just bunking classes and chilling on the college grounds.

Also, not to forget the college trip. I think college life is incomplete without that one trip. Mine certainly would be. A college trip won't be memorable if there isn't chaos and mishaps surrounding it till the very end moment. My college trip was no different, but somehow we still managed to make it wild and unforgettable by the end of it.

So, I guess I managed to experience most things that a “DU College Life” has to offer. Now, if I look back at my decision to join a girls' college, I feel ecstatic. In the end, finding a group of women who uplift each other is something to be grateful for. 

A little about my course and college

My college, Indraprastha College for Women (known as IP college), is located in the heart of Delhi. The campus holds deep historical ties from the colonial era. The place itself enhances your mood as soon as you step into the gates. With a huge lush green campus, you can spot peacocks and exquisite birds everywhere. The college looks even more lovely during the evenings.

I did my graduation in B.Com (Hons), an abbreviation for Bachelors in Commerce. It is a demanding and extensive degree. The course structure involves everything from mathematics, economics, marketing, and accounts. By the end of the course, it lets you explore all fields and helps decide an area of interest. My college provided an enriching experience with this course.

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