Reasons For You To Pursue A Bachelor’s Degree In Architecture


Humans have used their intelligence to come up with various forms of expression to acquire prominence in society.  Architecture is one of those expressions. It not only shields us but allows the architect to express their vision through labyrinths of imagination.

HMC Architects, a well known Los Angeles based office, has plugged Norman Foster's take that encapsulates an architect's role (see cover image).

There are around 573 institutions (according to the Council of Architecture) offering degrees in architecture in India. There is no doubt that Architecture is rapidly emerging as an area preferred by many students and parents given the rapid urbanisation and development India is witnsessing. From a demand for skills point of view, according to former Dean Ar. M Thirumeni, SRM University estimates that the current supply fulfills only 20% of the national requirement of architects. Going by this view, there is a huge potential demand not only for architects but skilled teachers to teach students pursuing architecture in the near future. 

For those of you looking for reasons to choose this field, here are simply plenty! Keep reading to know more about these reasons.

Why opt for a B. Arch degree and take architecture up as a career?

Here are the best ones summarized for you to understand why it’s an excellent choice to get a degree in B. Arch. from one of the prestigious institutes.

1. The face of the development of India

The visuals that people see stay etched in their minds. Who builds these visuals? Whether it is about tourists visiting the country or images of different locations going up on the internet, ho’s the mind behind them? Yes, it’s the architect who has creatively come up with a development that represents the nation.
The development of any country is primarily gauged by the infrastructural improvements that have taken place and how aesthetics they look. Kuala Lumpur is known for its Petronas Twin Towers, which marked the city entering the big leagues. Similarly, India has and needs more infrastructural marvels to show its proud image to the rest of the world. 

2. Passion and creativity

We’re all driven by passion. Since you’re reading this article, it clearly shows that somewhere in the back of your mind, you are actually considering this option. Architecture is a field that allows you to express your ideas in the form of lasting inanimate objects. 

Your creativity will not be disregarded because you'll have like-minded people to support you throughout. It is a niche that comprises of various mindsets striving towards perfection. Your persistence will surely be beneficial. Not to forget, there will be new additions every day.

3. It offers a wide spectrum of knowledge

In order to be a successful architect, you need to be abreast of various other complementary disciplines like engineering, geometry, geography, trigonometry, etc. too. One needs to also understand the demographics of the region in terms of its socio-political climate as well as the actual climate.

For instance, in Japan, a nation frequently rocked by earthquakes, the pillars of any construction need to be strong enough to withstand the same. Thus, with proper knowledge in the field, it’s an architect who is able to develop an integrated understanding of all areas which could help him if he wants to jump to any other similar profession as well.

4. An exciting lifestyle that awaits you as an architect

From the moment you step into this field, you'll be thrust into a never-ending warp. There are many prestigious colleges in India. A few of the renowned colleges for pursuing a B. Arch. degree includes School of Planning and Architecture and Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi, Anna University in Chennai, MS Ramaiah school of Architecture in Bangalore, etc.

As stressful as it may be, it is a rewarding field. The more equipped you are with the skills taught to you in this course and your creativity, the greater is your demand and satisfaction. The rapid evolution of technology and desires will keep you on your feet. It'll be a balance of working at the office and at the site. The rapid evolution will coerce you to educate and challenge yourself. Thereby enabling you to lead an exciting and versatile life.

5. Huge demand for the construction of smart cities

Architects are required in huge numbers by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to help them go ahead with their plan to develop 100 smart cities that are citizen-friendly and sustainable by 2023.

The ministry has already launched the TULIP project to encourage students interested in urban planning to come forward and work with the contractors for a year and help them realize the government's mission.

With educated and trained architects, the ministry will be able to move forward at a much more rapid pace. This is because developing an entire city requires exorbitant amounts of planning in a variety of areas like road networks, sewage, housing, etc. in order to ensure that the city is able to function properly as an individual unit. 

6. Interesting job prospects await you

Now, architecture doesn’t just deal with all creating a building. It’s a blend of different phases such as planning, design, execution, variation, and punctuality go hand in hand. If you do take up architecture as your Bachelor's degree, you have a wide field of job opportunities lying ahead of you. 

All forms of design are included in the architecture. For example, graphic designing, sketching, mathematics, photography, interior designing, and even animation.  You could even plan an entire town! 

As we're all aware, infrastructure is vital in India, and it is in desperate of architects who can make the spatial future brighter for all animals, including humans.

The jobs you can pursue after completing your education in this field are:

  • Architecture
  • Interior and spatial designer
  • Fire risk assessor
  • Historical site inspector
  • Production designer
  • Town planner
  • Urban designer
  • Landscape architect
  • Structural engineer
  • VFX artist, and many more.

This job means that you’re constructing dreams of people who require specialists to put their vision into place. How a city or state navigates and holds itself strong could be your very design! Your future will be navigating others. Thereby making you a creator in the process.

All the encouragement and equipment in the world will only be worthwhile when you put in the work. Once again, the world needs architects! The world will always need architects! Why settle back and pick something mainstream? Are you creative? Do you have a knack of imagination? If B. Arch degree interests you, go for it by all means! You’ll pave your way through and have a successful career in architecture!

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