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More about us

Exclusive Platform for Higher Education Sector

To benefit Students, Alumni, Educators, Institutions & its Stakeholders

Growth Enablement

Enable students, educators and institutions leverage their core competencies and capabilities to leap to next level of growth

Technology Empowerment

Ideate and deploy affordable and customized technology to help growth seeking individuals and institutions scale up and get recognized

Knowledge & Content Solutions

Specialized knowledge and content production services that help institutions support their students and educators


Digital Profiles for Students, Faculty, Alumni & important stakeholders  

An updated digital profile helps all higher education institution stakeholders in:

  • Easily updating the profile during important milestones.
  • Unlocking Job Opportunities & Internships Online.
  • Collaborating on projects research with like-minded people.
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Because we bring to you combined years of research, consulting & transformational project experience. This is our niche and specialty. We remain focused and committed to Higher Education sector.

Consulting / Branding Projects

Colleges / Institution Analysis

Research Respondents

Amazing Features

Our platform incorporates research, technology tools, brand frameworks, methodologies and  consulting-led frameworks

Admission Information

Tool that helps the students and parents in shortlisting & choosing institutions that best fit their preferences. Helps Institutions to be better known to their audiences.

Grants / Collaborations

Enhanced Industry-Institute-Interface, alliances & partnerships that help Educators & Students partake in Sponsored programs and projects

Digital Profiles

Easy to manage digital presence that is meaningful, rewarding and sustainable. Proprietary frameworks and methods that help manage your knowledge based content like articles, papers, accomplishments, skills profile and professional profile.

One-Click Resume Creation

The multidisciplinary nature of education, diverse skill areas, interests and hobbies make it all the more important to know & tell who you are! One click, and you get that in a PDF. As Simple as That!

Recognition / Awards

Excellence is a journey. In that sense, it is ongoing and this ongoing story deserves to be told! Tell your stories of individual, team & institutional excellence, accomplishment & recognition

Live Chat with Experts

Anytime anywhere, all you need to do is to click open the Live Chat Bot on the application to get talking to experts. Role of “right advice from the right person at the right time” cannot be underestimated!

Did you know that only 2% of Resumes StandOut?

Simple wizard-driven profiles creation tools for students, faculties, alumni and experts, making it easy to access, follow and apply to institutions / employers.

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Students are far more than just their grades. Their innovative and creative energies deserve a platform & showcasing

Teachers are far more than what they teach. Show them your regards and let them know you are grateful

Thought Leaders, Mentors, Advisers, Alumni enjoy to guide and mentor students through their value adding reflections.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have heard a lot of these...

How easy is to work on this platform?

The specialty of futurEvolve is that it is easy-to-use and built to ensure desired outcomes/impact. You don’t have to be branding expert or a tech specialist to use futurEvolve. All you need is an internet connection, a laptop / workstation / mobile.

I am looking for such a solution for my entire institution?

We provide specific solutions to various Institutions and would be very happy to speak to you to understand your needs. Please send us a message in the below contact form.

How will I be able to use so many tools and modules?

Every single module and tool have been carefully considered, designed, pilot tested and are truly empowering. It is a one-stop solution for everything to do with improving their personal brand value.

Why am I not able to write an article?

Please ensure you verify your profile. While we allow users to see the pages, we ensure we only have people write on our platform if they are verified.

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